Apply discount coupons

If you have a discount coupon for an active special offer, you can activate it from different sections on our site.

Activation from Floating Cart #

Once you have added a design to the cart, a side window will appear in which you can directly apply any coupon you have.

Activation from the Cart Page #

While on the cart page, you will see the classic box where you can also enter any discount coupon you have.

Activation at Checkout #

Once you are at checkout to finish your purchase, you can also activate a coupon from the modal window at the bottom left of the screen. To do this, click on text “Click here”.

After this, a box will open up, so you can insert the coupon. In case the coupon is not valid or is not active, a small error message will appear, and it will disappear in a couple of seconds.

If the coupon is valid, it will be applied to your checkout, and you will see the discount in the right sidebar of the checkout.

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