My page does not look like the Demo when importing the JSON, what should I do?

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When you download the JSON files and import them to a new site, they may not be exactly visible with the Demo web.
This can happen because depending on the design you have purchased, it uses additional plugins to generate functionalities or modules to that design.

For example, all of our eCommerce designs have the WooCommerce plugin, products, and some other plugins for WooCommerce that generate additional functionalities.

In the same way, there are other designs that probably use plugin add-ons for Divi, and when importing the layout it might look like this:

In that case, you can install the necessary plugins to generate this functionality and create the necessary CTPs. To check the plugins, you need in each design, you must check the description of the list of plugins on each product page, or in the TXT files that you will have available to download when purchasing any design.

Import full site #

The most effective and fast solution so that the site looks exactly like the DEMO, you can import the entire site in a few clicks.

Importing the complete site, you will load all the designs, plugins, content, products or any other CPT that the site has so that you only take care of changing the content according to your nonsense.

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