Available Payment Methods

You will have two options to pay for our designs on this platform. In this case, we use PayPal and Stripe as main payment gateways, and here we will tell you how to use them.

Stripe #

Stripe is one of the most used payment gateways worldwide. The advantage of paying with this payment gateway is that you can directly use your Debit or Credit card. You can directly enter your card details into this gateway to make your payment on our platform.

One of the disadvantages of using Stripe is that many banks (especially from Latin American countries) can block the payment of your card for security reasons, as it is a transaction made in US dollars. To read more related details, you can read this document, where we explain the possible declines you may have on your card.

Paypal #

PayPal has been the most used payment gateway on World for a long time, even today. With this platform, you can make a payment easy and quick from your PayPal account.

The advantages of this platform are that by making a direct currency exchange in the local currency of the person making the payment, the banks won’t block payments and the entire transaction is processed correctly.

One of the disadvantages of this platform is that you must have a PayPal account and a payment method configured in it to make the payment.

Which one to use? #

You can actually use the payment gateway that you prefer and the one that is more comfortable for you. It is safe to consider that if for some reason the payment with Stripe is declined, you can always try PayPal.

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