How to edit/modify my purchased design

Once you have bought and imported your design, you will surely want to change or modify it. To achieve this, you have several options. For all of them, you need to know that you must have a certain level of management in the Divi theme if you want to save time when making changes or adjustments within the design.

First steps #

The first thing you should do is check the notes of each product you buy in the order email that arrives once you make a purchase of one of our products. Within these notes, it will give you the direct link to the documentation that will teach you how to import all our layouts.

Within this documentation, you will see all the files that will teach you how to work a site, including this file that will tell you how to modify your designs. Go for it.

One of the first things that we recommend is that you see our complete FREE Divi course, as it will give you a good basis for using Divi; the best thing is, it is completely free. You can see it here:

Edit / modify pages #

Pages in Divi are the easiest elements to edit, everything can be achieved with the Divi Builder in a simple way. Here we leave you a video tutorial that will help you to do so:

Edit / modify Theme Builder Layouts #

The Theme Builder is a whole world and with this element, you can create and edit templates for Divi. Here we leave you a tutorial where you can learn to use it:

Edit / modify library layouts #

These elements of the library are edited as we saw in previous tutorials with the theme builder, with the difference that you will find these elements in the Divi library only. We leave you here the class where you can see all these details:

See library class:

Edit / modify Divi options #

Within the Divi options we can see details such as color palette, theme options in general, insert code in the theme header, among other elements. We leave you here the class where you can see all these details:

See class of Divi theme options:

Edit / modify Divi theme customizer #

These are additional options with which you will be able to edit appearance and operation options Globally within Divi. It is used to give global styles to the site in typography, buttons, spaces, among others. We leave you here the class where you can see all these details:

See class of Divi theme customizer options:

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