How to download the designs in uxdivitemplates

After making a purchase of designs on our site, you will be able to download the files in different ways depending on what you have purchased.

Download method if you subscribed to the download of all files. #

Downloading the file from each product #

By purchasing the Full Download Access plan from our website, you gain access to the download of all designs that are published at the time of purchase, and all that will be published while your subscription is active. To download the designs, simply go to the page of the design you want to download and click on the download button in the banner you will have on the design:

All designs will have this banner from which you can download the file containing the templates.

Explore all designs more easily #

If you want to explore all the designs we have by their different types or themes, we have enabled the Full Download Explore page for you, so you can easily filter the designs and easily find the one you need to download:

After filtering and finding the design you want, simply click on the title of the design or the image link, and it will take you to the design in question so you can download it.

Note: it may be that some design you see from this page that takes you to a 404 page, this does not mean that there is an error on the page, only that this default filter will show you all the designs that are published, and also those that will be coming soon to our platform (scheduled), so don’t worry 😊 if it’s not available, it means it will be available in a maximum of 5 days.

Download method if you purchased one or more designs individually. #

Download files from email #

When your purchase is finished, you will receive an order confirmation email. This email will contain the links from which you will be able to download the layout and design files of the product you buy.

After you download the files, follow these steps to be able to import the JSON into your site, or follow these steps to upload the entire site in a few clicks.

Download files from “My account” #

In addition, you will also have the download links available in the download tab of the “my account” page on the intranet.

On this page, you will have all the download links of the products or designs that you have purchased.

As before, you will have the documentation mentioned above to be able to import the layouts to your site.

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