What happens if my card payment fails?

This is a rare error, but in case I failed to pay your card, here we will tell you what you can do. The first thing is to understand why the payment could fail in your order.

Why can the payment fail in PayPal?

The first thing is to determine which is the gateway in which the payment is failing you. Regularly, PayPal will never fail, but in some cases, it may fail if you are trying to make the payment with PayPal balance.

In case this payment fails you, you should try to make the payment with a card, as the failure is generated by payment restrictions in the gateway, in Mexico.

Why might my payment fail in Stripe?

You will surely find that it is more common for payment to fail you with Stripe.

Some of the reasons why the payment fails with Stripe may be due to a bank blocking to buy abroad on your card, lack of balance or the type of card (we do not accept American Express).

The transaction may have been declined due to insufficient funds or indicative card security behavior where the bank is blocking the charge.

If there is money available on the card, you can call the bank that issued your card and notify them that it is a secure payment, so they can unblock the site from their system.

This being the case, you can check your payment method to see for which of the above reasons it failed,

In these cases, if the payment with Stripe continues to give you problems, we highly recommend trying to make the payment WITH PAYPAL, that way we are almost sure that there will be no problems.

If you have any questions, please let us know, contact us at hello@uxdivitemplates.com

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